san francisco / vintage outfit

” Fashion is something that comes from within you ” – Ralph Lauren


In summer, I almost only wear hotpants. If someone asked me, I would say that hotpants are my favorite piece of clothing in general, at least in spring and summer. There is just no other garment which is so practical; you can combine it with almost anything, you have pockets to put your phone in, and in contrast to dresses, or skirts, you don’t have to worry that the next gust of wind will present your butt to the whole city, (Yes Vienna is super windy)!

Now a few words about the clothes I’m wearing.
The shorts are from the brand Replay. I bought them at a local flea market in Vienna and cut it myself. What I like most about those hotpants, is that they fit super highwaisted, my personal favorite fashion of pants. For my taste, the shirt and pants alone looked a little too basic, so I combined them with this vintage belt, to spice it up a little bit.

T-shirt – flea market, vienna
REPLAY Hotpants – flea market, vienna
Belt – Lieblingsflohmarkt, vienna

all photos taken by Kathi (

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