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Sunset Trip to Wotruba Church – Vienna

Although I almost only wear black, I have this thing with freaky colorful eye catcher pieces. It has been a while since I bought this vintage aloha shirt and I still love it.
No matter if I go out or I’m hanging around with my friends, I always feel comfortable wearing it. Usually, I combine it with black high waisted jeans or hot pants. Sometimes I don’t really know what to do with the sleeves because they are too short to roll them up and too long leave them just as they are; yes it’s confusing ?
Apart from that, I would say that this is one of my favorite shirts.

The photos turned out to be a little darker because we arrived 30 minutes too late for the golden hour. Unfortunately, the sunset can be real quick in August.
If you want to go to Wotruba church yourself, I have linked the directions down below.


Aloha Shirt – local flea market, vienna
REPLAY Hotpants – local flea market, vienna

If you have already been there, let me know in the comments.
& let me know what you think of the outfit.
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 Directions Wotruba Church

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