london / lookbook #1

Hey Guys, I am using the last weeks of holidays to travel around England and Spain. The last few days I’ve been spending in London, where Jen and I took these pictures. It’s kind of a London Lookbook. There’s a second outfit coming the next days. With pieces, I have thrift shopped in London as well. This Maxi – Skirt, I bought at a local flea market in London. It was really cool because people were selling stuff on the ground or out of their cars. There is also a Vintage & Second-Hand shopping guide for London coming soon. So keep it up and tell me what you think of the outfit!

white oversized  tee – local market, vienna
striped maxi-skirt  – local flea market, pimlico london
shoes – Deichmann

See you soon!
bussi, baba, Mila.




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  1. lovevintage
    15. September 2016 / 18:01

    nice outfit! nice pictures! nice face! #asalways much love to london

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