autumn dress / how to avoid a mispurchase?


How to avoid a mispurchase?

What goes hand in hand with sustainable fashion, is to stop buying things that you don’t wear. We all know those ‘mistakes’ that rot somewhere at the back of our closets. They are not only bad for our purse but also for our environment. Therefore, I want to give you a step by step guide on how to avoid a mispurchase!

In my opinion, this guide works perfectly, if you answer all those questions honestly.
Of course, I want this guide to be fun, so don’t take everything literally. However, the message of this is still serious and you should try this guide out, next time you are in the shopping mall!

  1. Do you only want to buy it because it is cheap?
    Yes ➡️ don’t buy it
  2. Do you only want to buy it because you feel the urge of buying something?
    Yes ➡️ don’t buy it
  3. How much do you like it on a scale from 1 to 10?
    1-5 ➡️ don’t even think of buying it
    5-8 ➡️ don’t buy it
  4. Think of at least three different outfits you could combine this new item with.
    Can’t think of three ➡️ don’t buy it
    Yes, got it:
  5. Do you already have something similar? (And please be honest with yourself)
    Yes  ➡️ don’t buy it
  6. Do you need it for one special occasion?
    Yes ➡️ ask your best friends, if they could borrow you something, first.
  7. If you had to work 8 hours in order to get this piece of clothing, would you do it?
    No ➡️ don’t buy it
  8.  Can you really afford it, or would you have to eat pasta with tomato sauce for the rest of the month?
    No (but I love pasta) ➡️ still don’t buy it!

Congratulations you found the perfect item for your closet!


About the outfit:
I love this t-shirt dress because of the glitter and especially the pattern, that reminds me of fall. The colors of the dress represent the colors of the leaves perfectly. I combined the dress with my faux-fur coat that keeps me warm, even the dress is so short.

t-shirt dress – local flea market, vienna
faux-fur coat – kleiderkreisel, internet
shoes – Deichmann

thanks for reading,
bussi mila

thanks to  bonjourvienne for taking the pictures!


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  1. 10. November 2016 / 19:41

    Heeey 😀 Love your guide.. I pretty much do the same before I buy something new so I could really relate to it 🙂

    • 10. November 2016 / 20:58

      Aww that’s cool! It Happens so quickly that you buy something you don’t need but you don’t realize it in the moment!

      • 11. November 2016 / 16:05

        Yes it really does and sometimes I can’t avoid it either but once I was really glad that I had two gray sweaters so I could wear the second gray sweater after I spilled coffe on the first one and I hadn’t to change my whole outfit ??

  2. vintage
    16. November 2016 / 14:03

    sehr sehr schönes Kleid!!! Das kennt glaub jeder zu gut diese inneren Dialoge die man beim Kaufen führt haha 😀 super Vorschlag mit diesem Guide 🙂

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