New year – New idea!

As you might already know, I try to buy as less new things as possible. I get almost all my clothing from vintage shops, thrift shops or flea markets. However, if you asked me how many new items (in the sense of not used), I buy per year, I would not know. Furthermore, I think that most of the people underestimate their consumption. Therefore, I had the idea to put a counter on the sidebar of blog, where I state the number of clothing, shoes or accessories I bought new this year. So that I don’t lose track of my consumption behavior, as well as to keep motivated to stick to my lifestyle. The counter looks not so professional yet and I want to make it look better in the near future, but I wanted to tell you what this is about already. At the moment the counter is at 3 pieces, which are the shoes on the pictures, a new purse (because the zipper of my old one broke) and a skirt I need for work.

What do you think of this idea?

Now a few words about the outfit,
I got this jacket about 1 or 2 months ago at the flea market in Vienna, but I ruined it when I tried to cut out the shoulder pads. For 2 months, I was thinking about fixing it before I wear the jacket. Now I had to acknowledge to myself that this is never going to happen and I am wearing it with a little hole at the back – but honestly, who cares!

I hope you like my outfit,
and let me know what you think about the idea with the counter on my blog!

Love Mila



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