total solar eclipse

Yay – Spring is back and I packed out my shorts and between-seasons jacket!
I’m so happy that the temperatures here in Vienna are getting warmer and I don’t have to wrap myself in 3 layers of clothing. One of the things I planned to do now that the days are getting longer and warmer is to post more often, and I will keep my promise! Kathi took these pictures a few days ago, you can find more pictures on her page.

About Likoli – Likoli is a small online shop where you can buy shirts designed by artists all over the world. The T-shirts are printed on fair trade labels in Germany. Another thing which is really cool is that the models are people just like you and me. However, the website is not organized very neatly so it took me very long to find the shirts I like. As you might know, I prefer black or white shirts and the majority of the shirts are very colorful but when I found this one I really fell in love and the scrolling through the shirts was worth while! You find the shirt here!

Hugo Boss Jacket – Vintage / T-shirt – Likoli / Levi’s Shorts – Vintage /
Shoes – Deichmann

Thanks for reading,
see you soon!

 In friendly cooperation with Likoli

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