5 things to do in Seville

Travel Guide Seville
5 Things you must not miss!

Sevilla, what a beautiful city! The streets are lively, people meet outside for drinks and food, the houses have this Mediterranean touch and the whole city smells like summer.


I went there in the middle of May, and I would say that this is the perfect time to go. When the sun is shining the temperature reaches approximately 25 – 30°C and when it is raining 20 – 25°C. At my stay, we had a few hours of rain in the first two days, which wasn’t too bad, as the temperature was still warm enough to wear short pants.
The other days, it was sunny and hot and I got the ultimate summer feeling!


Because I was also visiting a friend in Cordoba, I only spent two days in Seville. However, I would recommend staying 3 days to explore the whole city. We stayed at Oasis Backpackers Palace, which is one of the coolest hostels I have ever been to. The prices for the drinks and food at the rooftop bar of the hostels are very cheap and you get one Sangria for free when you check in. Last but not least, they have a swimming pool and a big chill out area on the rooftop with a view over the city!


How much money do you need?
For the flight, I would say between 100 – 200, for the hostel between 15 – 25 per night, if it is okay for you to sleep in a dorm with more people. When you want to go sightseeing, make sure you bring your student ID (if you have one), they are very strict at most of the tourist attractions, because you get 50% off for the ticket. For food, you find many restaurants outside of the tourist center that are a lot cheaper and have a higher quality of ingredients. I also went to the supermarket a few times to prepare my own food, what also saved me a lot of money.


And finally, what do to in Seville?


1.Visit the Plaza España


2. Go Vintage ShoppingIf you love shopping – and I am sure you do, you must not miss the vintage shops in the north of Seville.


3. Eat Tapas
Tapas are appetizers typical for Spain. You usually combine 3-4 of them to get the size of a full meal. Although the Spanish cuisine usually contains a lot of fish and meat, they have many vegan and vegetarian options for tapas. The common ones are patatas bravas, pisto manchego (Spanish ratatouille),  Fried eggplant, or Salmorejo which is a cream of tomatoes, bread, and olive oil (the orange one on the picture). You can also ask for olives or nuts!


4. Visit AlcázarThe Alcázar is a royal palace, originally developed by Muslim kings. One part of the palace is still used as a residence by the royal family. Alcázar is also said to be one of the most beautiful places in Spain. It is also a very touristic place, but I would totally recommend going there!


5. Have a tinto de verano & a sangría at Plaza de la AlfalfaThe cute square ‘Plaza de la Alfalfa’ is very centrally located, though it is not so touristic as the ancient center of Sevilla. And for those of you, who don’t know tinto de verano, it’s a typical Spanish drink made of red wine and lemon soda!


Thanks for reading & see you soon!

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