nartu / natural cosmetics

My skin is very uncomplicated and easy to take care of until it comes to my scalp. There were times in the past when I struggled with dandruff and oily hair at the same time! I went so far as to wash my hair with the no-poo method, which turned out to be a complete […]

1 Feb 2017


vintage ski jacket / new year – new idea

  New year – New idea! As you might already know, I try to buy as less new things as possible. I get almost all my clothing from vintage shops, thrift shops or flea markets. However, if you asked me how many new items (in the sense of not used), I buy per year, I […]

21 Jan 2017



Das Burger-Testing geht in die zweite Runde mit dem vageren Quinoa Burger von Freiraum. Wien Mariahilferstraße

7 Jan 2017


shades of grey

  100% Vintage Outfit Everything’s from the flea market in Vienna. The photos are from two weeks ago and I already posted some of them on my Instagram. Today only photos, next post will be an article again. Anyways, how do you like that look? thanks for stopping by, bussi mila

21 Nov 2016


Beaver Brewing Company

 Beaver Brewing Company Unfortunately, the visit of the ‚Beaver Brewing Company‘ started with a big disappointment. I went there because dariadaria shared a picture on Instagram, which said    ‚best seitan burger in town‘ in the caption. Of course, I had to try this out! After my 15 minute tram ride, I arrived at the restaurant, only […]

13 Nov 2016


the burger hunt

On the hunt for the best Vegan Burger in Vienna! Luckily, Vienna has a lot to offer for vegans. Apart from all the vegan restaurants, there are many ’normal‘ restaurants that offer vegan dishes on their menu. However, in this corner of my blog, I solely want to focus on vegan burgers. In order to […]

10 Nov 2016


my purpose

What is this all about? VINTAGE & FAIR FASHION It’s all about treating other people the way you want to be treated yourself. My main aim with this blog is to promote vintage and second-hand clothing. Not only for the ecological reason, but also because I don’t want to support the fast fashion industry where […]

6 Nov 2016


autumn dress / how to avoid a mispurchase?

How to avoid a mispurchase? What goes hand in hand with sustainable fashion, is to stop buying things that you don’t wear. We all know those ‚mistakes‘ that rot somewhere at the back of our closets. They are not only bad for our purse but also for our environment. Therefore, I want to give you a […]

4 Nov 2016


fall outfit #1

Hello Loves! Finally, I am back in Vienna and I have already unpacked the box from the bottom of my closet. Yes, it is this kind of box, in which I keep all the winter coats and scarfs I don’t need in summer. Although I am obsessed with summer and the warm temperatures, I love […]

19 Okt 2016