Mit welchen Apps bearbeite ich meine Instagram Fotos? graphic

Mit welchen Apps bearbeite ich meine Instagram Fotos?

  Eine Frage die ich immer wieder gestellt bekomme! Auf Instagram achte ich hauptsächlich darauf , dass die Fotos die ich poste auf irgendeine Art zusammen passen. Ich sehe meinen Instagramfeed nicht in 200 verschiedenen Bildern, sondern mehr als ein Gesamtbild. Klar, jeder hat seinen eigenen Geschmack. Am wichtigsten ist es meiner Meinung nach sowieso […]

Fashion Revolution Week graphic

Fashion Revolution Week

24 – 30. 04.17 Fashion Revolution Week     Die Fashion Revolution Week erinnert jedes Jahr an eines der größten Fabrikunglücke der Textilundstrie – der Einsturz des Gebäudes ‚Rana Plaza‘.  Mit dem Motto #whomademyclothes versucht die Organisation Fashion Revolution, ein größeres Bewusstsein für die Textilindustrie und den eigenen Kleidungskonsum zu schaffen. Das Rana Plaza ist […]

total solar eclipse graphic

total solar eclipse

Yay – Spring is back and I packed out my shorts and between-seasons jacket! I’m so happy that the temperatures here in Vienna are getting warmer and I don’t have to wrap myself in 3 layers of clothing. One of the things I planned to do now that the days are getting longer and warmer is […]

vintage ski jacket / new year – new idea graphic

vintage ski jacket / new year – new idea

  New year – New idea! As you might already know, I try to buy as less new things as possible. I get almost all my clothing from vintage shops, thrift shops or flea markets. However, if you asked me how many new items (in the sense of not used), I buy per year, I […]

autumn dress / how to avoid a mispurchase? graphic

autumn dress / how to avoid a mispurchase?

How to avoid a mispurchase? What goes hand in hand with sustainable fashion, is to stop buying things that you don’t wear. We all know those ‚mistakes‘ that rot somewhere at the back of our closets. They are not only bad for our purse but also for our environment. Therefore, I want to give you a […]

madrid / lookbook graphic

madrid / lookbook

Hello Loves, today I’m blogging from Madrid. Fortunately, the temperatures here are like summer in Austria. It’s the end of September and I can still wear shorts and skirts without freezing to death; Yay! I would call this a summer outfit, even though I think you can see autumn influences in the colors.